The curcuma: a medicinal plant with many powers!

This plant which comes from South Asia, is mainly used as a cooking spice.

But the curcuma is also used in traditional Indian medicine because of its many antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. Since the 70’s, many researches have been done to learn more about all the powers it has.

It owns many properties to fight against the cellular degeneration which comes from oxidative stress.

What is particularly interesting for us is how this medicinal plant can calm the inflammations.

When its utilization is localized, it has a purifying action on the application zone by giving many antioxidants, which will give a more efficient circulation of the blood, and therefore provide all the nutriments needed to relieve and treat sensible zones.

If we decided to add this essential oil to our cream’s composition, it is to explore as much as we can its anti-inflammatory benefits in order to relieve your breast’s pain efficiently and quickly.


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