The thermal water: an additional asset to fight against your breast’s pain

Used in many international brands in beauty creams and cosmetics, the efficiency and benefits of the thermal water has already been proved.

But what is thermal water and what is its real impact on the skin?

Flashback on the history of this water throughout ages and civilizations!

Thermal water is not like another water, it is a “super water”!Indeed, to be considered as thermal, a water needs to be compliant with the requirements of the strict national regulation based on the public health code. On top of being highly loaded in minerals and trace elements, this water needs to come from an underground origin and be protected from every impurity.
Of course, these medicinal properties, these ‘’super powers’’, must be recognized by the National Medicine Academy.

Although the therapeutic thermal water use through the current thermal cure is recent history, the first sources were discovered during Roman times, and have been identified for their heeling effects.At that time, the thermal activity was more recreational than medicinal, but many current thermal stations are implanted on old romans thermal baths sites.

All of the many French thermal stations own unique and very specific waters which allow the treatment of specific medical diseases: skin problems (redness, irritations, skin dryness, eczema), joint pain, digestive tract treatments, and so on.
This particularity of each thermal water is linked to its geographical origin where the sources spout out. Even though the mystery is not solved, scientists can assert that the thermal water properties are coming from their underground natural environment

Rich in minerals and nutrients, the formula of the Actessens cream is using the unique composition of this water, to rebalance the pH of the skin, to accelerate its regeneration, to delay its aging and to maintain its tone.


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