Breast pains: this interrogation about sensible breasts can concern every woman at one time or another in her life

Often associated to the premenstrual syndrome, these pains are not always recognized and considerate enough. It is good to mention that breasts react with the hormonal variations during the cycle, and sometimes it is possible to feel a tension a few days before periods.
The breast may be puffy, sensible or painful by contact, with burning sensations, tugging, nipple’s hyper sensibility or a cyst sensation inside the breast

These symptoms are very frequent and can appear at the first puberty’s menstrual cycles. Thus, we estimate that 60% or 70% of all women will meet this symptom during their life, with a spike after 40 years old. Treating these pains, as frequent as annoying, not only consist in relieving but also in taking in consideration a global hormonal imbalance which could, if it persists, move to a benign mastopathy (a benign alteration of the breast)