Breast pains: All women can be affected by this condition at one time or another in their life

Often associated with premenstrual syndrome, these pains are not always recognized or taken seriously enough. The breasts react to the hormonal variations during the menstrual cycle which can often lead to a feeling of tension a few days before the periods.
The breasts may be puffy, sensitive or painful to contact, with a burning sensation, tugging, hypersensitivity of the nipples or an impression of cysts inside the breast.

These symptoms are very frequent and can appear as early as the first menstrual cycles of puberty. It’s estimated that between 60% and 70% of all women will encounter these symptoms during their life, with a spike after 40 years old. Treating this frequent and uncomfortable condition is not only a question of pain relief but also of taking into consideration a global hormonal imbalance which could, if ignored, evolve to a benign mastopathy (a benign alteration of the breast).

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